Colin Kaepernick Supports Mumia!

21 November 2020

Colin Kaepernick is a professional football quarter-back with a sterling record, but he is now an unemployed free agent. This could not be a more important indication of systemic racism in the US, nor a greater condemnation of the corporate worms that own football in this country.

In the 49ers’ third preseason game in 2016 Kaepernick sat during the playing of the US  National anthem prior to the game, as a protest against police brutality and systematic oppression of blacks in this country. Throughout the regular season, Kaepernick continued his protest by kneeling during the anthem. During a post-game interview that year, Kaepernick explained his position stating, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color.”

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No Execution by COVID-19! Car Caravan to San Quentin, May 9th

No State Execution by COVID-19!
Join the Car Caravan to San Quentin – May 9th

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Saturday, May 9th
10 am
Larkspur Ferry Terminal (near San Quentin Prison)

The Labor Action Committee To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal is calling for a car caravan/protest and rally at San Quentin Prison on Saturday May 9th. We demand that Governor Newsom act to prevent prisoners from being infected by this deadly pandemic. Overcrowded and unsanitary conditions which are pervasive in San Quentin and prisons across the country! In the Marion, Ohio prison fully 80% of prisoners have tested positive! Packing inmates like sardines in San Quentin Prison cells will infect many and some will die. Confined spaces like prisons, ICE jails and cruise ships act as incubators of the deadly COVID-19 virus.

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¡Ninguna ejecución estatal por COVID-19! Únete a la caravana de coches en La Prisión Estatal San Quentin – 9 de mayo, 2020

¡Ninguna ejecución estatal por COVID-19!
Únete a la caravana de coches en La Prisión Estatal San Quentin – 9 de mayo, 2020

9 de mayo, 10 AM
Larkspur Ferry Terminal

Clic aqui para obtener un folleto en PDF

Clic aqui para obtener un folleto en PDF (ingles)

El Comité de Acción Laboral para La Liberación de Mumia Abu-Jamal ha llamado una protesta/
caravana de automóviles en San Quentin State Prison el sábado 9 de mayo. Exigimos que el
Gobernador Gavin Newsom actúe para evitar que los prisioneros sean infectados por esta
pandemia mortal. Condiciones insalubres y el congestionamiento son sumamente comunes en
San Quentin State Prison y en las prisiones en todo el país. En la prisión de Marion, Ohio, el
80% de los prisioneros han dado positivo por coronavirus! El acto de poner a los prisioneros
juntos como sardinas en las celdas de la prisión de San Quentin infectará a muchos y algunos
otros morirán. Los espacios de confinamiento como las prisiones, las cárceles de ICE y los
cruceros actúan como incubadores del mortal virus COVID-19.

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“No State Execution by COVID-19”: SAN QUENTIN PRISON PROTEST West Gate, Saturday May 9 @ 10AM

Saturday, May 9, 10am
Larkspur Ferry Terminal (near San Quentin Prison)

For information call: Richard Tan 650- 996-7888 or Jack Heyman 510-501-7080

A car caravan demonstration to demand protection from the deadly COVID-19 virus for prisoners is set for Saturday, May 9th. Cars will assemble at the Larkspur Ferry Terminal parking lot at 10AM. The caravan will begin at 11AM driving up Sir Francis Drake Blvd. to the West Gate of San Quentin State Prison. They will be protesting prison authorities who are leaving the most vulnerable people—prison inmates in overcrowded conditions—in danger without basic protections and unable to enact physical distancing. Kevin Cooper, an innocent San Quentin Death Row prisoner who has served 35 years, wrote “being on death row with this COVID-19 pandemic raging is like having another death sentence.”

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Mumia Abu-Jamal : New Chance for Freedom

Police and State Frame-Up Must Be Fully Exposed!

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Mumia Abu-Jamal is innocent. Courts have ignored and suppressed evidence of his innocence for decades. But now, one court has thrown out all the decisions of the PA Supreme Court that denied Mumia’s appeals against his unjust conviction during the years of 1998 to 2012!

This ruling, by Judge Leon Tucker, was made because one judge on the PA Supreme Court during those years, Ronald Castille, was lacking the “appearance of impartiality.” In plain English, he was clearly biased against Mumia. Before sitting on the PA Supreme Court, Castille had been District Attorney (or assistant DA) during the time of Mumia’s frame-up and conviction, and had used his office to express a special interest in pursuing the death penalty for “cop-killers.” Mumia was in the cross-hairs. Soon he was wrongly convicted and sent to death row for killing a police officer.

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