The Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal Condemns Michael Moore’s Statement That Mumia is Guilty of Murdering Policeman Daniel Faulkner!

In his new book, “Dude, Where’s My Country” Michael Moore states that Mumia Abu-Jamal is probably guilty of murdering the Philadelphia policeman Daniel Faulkner. This is irresponsible journalism! Moore did not talk to or write to Mumia, he did not talk to anyone actively involved in his defense, nor did he contact any of Mumia’s past or current lawyers. His book notes on this comment do NOT cite any of the many web sites, which contain the massive new evidence developed during the past few years, which would convince any objective journalist that Mumia is innocent; that he has been the subject of a massive frame-up.

When the Labor Action Committee learned of this devastating blow to Mumia we immediately took steps to try to organize a protest demonstration at Moore’s San Francisco presentation on his new book. When this failed we made and carried a banner for the anti-war march in San Francisco reading:

“Mumia Is Innocent: Another Man Confessed.

Philly Cops Planned Murder. Free Mumia Now.”

Mumia is probably less than a year away from a new threat of imminent execution. Every court with jurisdiction has refused to hear the new evidence, which includes a confession by the real killer, Arnold Beverly, and proof that key prosecution witnesses not only lied on the stand, but didn’t even see the shooting. The Fraternal Order of Ppolice, the governor of Pennsylvania, the Director of Homeland Security and two judges who sit on courts ruling on Mumia’s appeals were all implicated in the frame-up of Mumia. The mainstream press has suppressed the sensational new evidence proving Mumia’s innocence. Michael Moore has joined the forces who are intent on killing this gifted and principled journalist.

We demand that Michael Moore insert a disclaimer into each and every future printed copy of his book at the point where he makes his outrageous statement. We further demand that he make a widely-distributed public statement repudiating this stab in the back to Mumia, and referring his vast audience to the web sites where people can get the information to make their own judgment.

The Labor Action Committee to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal is a group of union activists and others in the San Francisco Bay Area and Cleveland dedicated to educating workers about Jamal’s case, and promoting labor action in solidarity with his struggle.