Solidarity Statement with Mumia Abu-Jamal

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Mumia Abu-Jamal is an innocent man. For almost three decades he was held in solitary confinement under the threat of execution, until the courts finally ruled his death sentence was illegal. In December 2011, the Philadelphia DA Seth Williams, backed by the Fraternal Order of Police, and Edward Rendell, former Pennsylvania Governor, Philadelphia Mayor and the DA who prosecuted Mumia, conceded defeat in trying to legally lynch him for the shooting death of police officer Daniel Faulkner. Now, after a secret proceeding with no notice to Mumia, Mumia is sentenced to “slow death row,” life imprisonment without parole.

Life Imprisonment is an Outrage! Free Mumia Now!

Mumia’s trial was a political and racist frame-up. Mumia was targeted by the FBI and Philadelphia police as a spokesman for the Black Panther Party; hated by the police and the notorious police commissioner and then mayor Frank Rizzo for exposing the murderous treatment of the MOVE organization. Mumia is an award winning journalist and a supporter of the MOVE organization. He continues to be the outspoken, truthtelling “voice of the voiceless.” The state wants to silence and entomb for life this man who is known as a “long distance revolutionary.”

The notorious trial judge, Albert Sabo, was a self-proclaimed racist and openly biased against Mumia. Sabo proclaimed months before the trial, “I’m going to help fry the n—–.” All elements of due process—the right to a fair trial—were violated. Every part of the prosecution’s case—witness testimony, Mumia’s supposed confession and ballistics—is a lie.

Witnesses to Mumia’s innocence, Veronica Jones and William Singletary were coerced from telling the truth at Mumia’s trial. The state and federal courts have refused to consider the mountains of evidence showing that Mumia’s guilt was fabricated and Mumia’s innocence was suppressed. The evidence of Mumia’s innocence includes: the sworn statements of Mumia’s brother, William Cook, that a passenger in his car, Ken Freeman, participated in the shooting and ran away; that a drivers license belonging to someone other than Cook or Mumia was found in Faulkner’s hand; and the confession of Arnold Beverly that he—not Mumia–shot and killed police officer Faulkner. Photographs from the crime scene prove the police fabricated the ballistics and the entire case against Mumia. Mumia had nothing to do with the shooting. His sworn statement of innocence was not allowed into the court record.

Inspector Alfonzo Giordano, one of the highest-ranking Philadelphia police officers, was the architect of the frame-up. He was the sidekick of Frank Rizzo and raided the Black Panther Party offices in 1968 and was in charge of the year-long blockade and 1978 assault on MOVE in their Powelton Village house. Giordano was also a corrupt cop and a target of FBI/Department of Justice investigation into police racketeering at the time police officer Faulkner was killed. He falsified witness identification, ballistics and a confession. The Department of Justice and then DA Edward Rendell covered this up during Mumia’s trial to convict Mumia for a crime he did not commit.

Mumia should have never spent one day in jail. Mumia’s case exposes the race and class bias of the entire capitalist judicial system. The state demands his slow death in prison as retaliation to his defiant resistance to state repression and racial oppression. But Mumia has not been silenced. We stand with Mumia. Mumia’s freedom is part of our own struggle for justice and human liberation.

We demand: Free Mumia Now!
Release Mumia Immediately from the Hellhole of Prison!

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