Maritime Union of Australia Support Letter for Mumia

The Maritime Union of Australia has issued a letter calling for Mumia’s release. A link  to the  letter by Branch Secretary Bob Carnegie, along with its text, are below.

MUA Letter for Mumia

2 January 2018

District Attorney Larry Krasner
Office of the Philadelphia District Attorney
# S. Penn Square, Philadelphia PA, 19107

Dear Sir,

The Queensland Branch of the Maritime Union of Australia calls on you to release Mumia Abu-Jamal.

Mumia has been incarcerated for a crime he did not commit and has spent the best part of 37 years in prison.

His continued incarceration is a stain on the State of Pennsylvania and it is in your power to see him released to spend his last years in freedom.

Sometimes Sir, elected officials lose their sense of fairness and decency. My Union Branch (local) in far off Australia hope you can find yours and release the towering figure of Mumia.

A great person once said, ‘a country can be judged not by its most wealth but how it treats its most downtrodden’.

I sincerely hope you think what these words mean, pick up your pen, and release Mumia. The whole world is watching.

Yours sincerely

Bob Carnegie
Branch Secretary