DA Krasner Withdraws Appeal of Order Allowing Mumia Abu-Jamal New Rights to Appeal His Conviction—Free Mumia, NOW!

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[The LAC is forwarding on this statement from Rachel Wolkenstein.]

April 17, 2019: This withdrawal of his appeal of Judge Tucker’s grant of new appeal rights to Mumia Abu-Jamal is DA Krasner’s concession to the international protest in support of Mumia’s freedom, including the condemnation of Krasner for continuing the cover-up of Mumia’s frame-up.

Krasner’s decision means that Mumia’s appeals of his conviction can proceed. We won’t be faced with years of legal challenges just to get to a new appeal of all the evidence of Mumia’s innocence, the frame-up and denial of virtually every due process right at trial.

This is an historic win for Mumia and all those held in the grip of this racist criminal injustice system facing biased judges, many in the pay of the police, and subjected to police, prosecutor’s and judicial misconduct.

Three points to underscore:

This is a win for Mumia in beating back the FOP. [Fraternal Order of Police – Ed.]

DA Krasner’s concession is premised on a false statement that Judge Tucker recently limited his decision. DA Krasner denies the breadth of Judge Tucker’s decision which is clearly applicable to any defendant whose judge was formerly the DA and made public statements and took actions that gave the appearance of bias. This was NOT limited to “police killers,” as asserted by DA Krasner. Judge Tucker explicitly rejected a limitation of the impact of his order.

A warning–DA Krasner made clear that the prosecution will continue to uphold Mumia’s conviction. DA Krasner states they found six hidden boxes of Mumia’s files, now disclosed to Mumia’s attorneys. There can be no doubt that documents in those boxes prove, yet again–like evidence already presented in Mumia’s prior proceedings–that Mumia is innocent and framed! If Krasner was interested in opening Mumia’s case he would disclose the new files, recognize the corruption permeating Mumia’s case and move to dismiss the charges!

This step—DA Krasner’s withdrawal of his appeal– is a win, but victory for Mumia will not come until he is released and he walks out of prison!!

For over 37 years Mumia has been imprisoned for a crime police and prosecution know he did not commit. We now have a legal opening in the fight for Mumia’s freedom.

What is needed is an all-out international mobilization, igniting all those in opposition and struggle against this racist, murderous capitalist system and all its depredations. Winning Mumia’s freedom is part of the liberation struggle for us all.


Join us in Philadelphia tomorrow and on Sat, April 27. 


Mumia is Innocent and Framed! Free Mumia Now!


Rachel Wolkenstein, April 17, 2019