Bay Area Demonstrations for Mumia: April 20, April 24

Mumia Abu-Jamal’s life is in danger!

A former Black Panther, world-renowned revolutionary journalist and innocent political prisoner, Mumia was recently diagnosed with COVID-19 and congestive heart failure. He will soon be hospitalized for the second time this year, this time for open heart surgery. Earlier, he was hospitalized for four days, and each of his limbs were shackled separately to the hospital bed. The shackles dug into his skin and caused horrific injuries.

The Only Treatment is Freedom!  

Join us for demonstrations to call for Mumia’s release!

1) SAN FRANCISCO: April 20th, 2021 at 4 PM. 

Protest at KQED Headquarters, 50 Beale St at Mission, SF.

         Protest against Philadelphia DA Larry Krasner, who is trying to keep Mumia imprisoned for life. A so-called “progressive,” Krasner is the star of a new PBS documentary, “Philly D.A.,” which will be shown on KQED’s Independent Lens. But Krasner has upheld all the false arguments and lies of Mumia’s 1982 conviction. The truth must be told!

         Mumia’s supporters are demanding that KQED give equal time to broadcast a documentary showing Mumia’s innocence, and a video recorded by Colin Kaepernick on behalf of Mumia.

2) OAKLAND: April 24th, 2021, 12 PM:

March and Car Caravan on Mumia’s Birthday

Assemble at Oscar Grant Plaza, 14th and Broadway, and march to Alameda County Courthouse, 1221 Fallon Street.

Rally on the steps of the Alameda County Courthouse, where the Panthers demonstrated for Huey P Newton, on Mumia’s Birthday!

3) OAKLAND: April 24th at 3 PM: 

Rally To Demand Immediate Release of Mumia Abu-Jamal!

Assemble at Mandela Parkway and Huey P Newton Way (9th St.)

What You Can Do Now

          KQED is broadcasting a new, eight-part documentary series “Philly D.A.” about progressive D.A. Larry Krasner. Krasner opposes Mumia’s appeal from his frame-up conviction and repeats the lies of the Philadelphia Police and the Fraternal Order of Police about Mumia’s case in his brief.

          Go to the Comments page for “Philly D.A.”:

And demand that KQED give equal time to Mumia Abu-Jamal when “Philly D.A.” shows.

         Sample comment:

          “District Attorney Larry Krasner opposes Mumia Abu-Jamal’s appeal from his frame-up conviction, despite mountains of evidence showing that Mumia was framed.

          KQED should provide equal time to Mumia Abu-Jamal to explain his innocence and highlight Krasner’s failure to defend an innocent man when the key interests of the Philadelphia police and the powerful politicians who support them are involved.”

Printable copy of his flyer, and the letter to KQED attached. The sponsors of these actions are listed on the attached flyer/poster.

This message from the Labor Action to free Mumia Abu-Jamal

16 April  2021