Stand With Mumia



Mumia is Innocente! Free Mumia!

Stand With Mumia!

Click on the link below to read the amicus brief

and download the joinder form

Joinder Instructions

1. Read or download the amicus brief (Word 52k) by six unions detailing Mumia’s innocence

2. Download the Joinder form (Word 6.14k). Make as many copies as you want for friends or co-workers, etc.

3. Sign the joinder in dark ink, and fill out the information required at the bottom.


Incomplete or unreadable joinders cannot be used.

(complete address and telephone number if you have one is required. Email is optional.)

4. You may sign as an individual or on behalf of an organization. If signing as an individual, “title”

and “organization” are optional.

5. Organizations should decide to sign as an organization. An individual should sign on behalf of

the organization, and give his or her position (“title”) in the organization.

6. Send signed joinders to: Mumia Joinders Campaign, PO Box 16222, Oakland CA 94610.

Include a donation–$5 or what you can afford—to help with copying & filing fees.

That’s it! Thanks for your help

Any questions – Call (510) 763-2347, or write to the above address